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How to select metal plates?


How to select metal plates? Here is hongding precision steel plate for you to share:

1. Analyze the working conditions of the parts; On the basis of analyzing the working conditions of the parts, the performance requirements of the materials used are put forward. Working conditions refer to the forms of stress (stretching, compression, bending, torsion or bending, etc.), the nature of the load (static load, dynamic load, impact, load distribution, etc.), and the friction and wear condition; Working conditions (e.g. environmental media, working temperature, etc.); As well as conduction, heat conduction and other special requirements.

2. Judge the main failure modes; The failure mode of the parts is inseparable from the specific working conditions. To live deep, collect the relevant data, to carry on the related experimental analysis, the main failure form of the judgment and reason, find out the defects of the original design, put forward the improvement measures, to determine the selected material should meet the main mechanical performance indexes, to provide practical information for correct selection, to make use of the efficiency of the parts and components that are more resistant to failure.

3. Reasonable selection of mechanical properties of materials; The strength, plasticity and toughness of the materials are used correctly. In general, the higher the strength of the material, the lower its plasticity and toughness. One-sided pursuit of high strength in order to improve the carrying capacity of the parts is not necessarily safe, because the material of plastic too much lower, in case of such factors as the short-time overload, sensitivity of stress concentration, may cause the brittle fracture of the parts. Therefore, the plasticity index of the material should be considered while improving the yield strength. Plasticity and toughness index is generally not directly used for design and calculation, and the higher the delta and bits of values that can cut parts of stress concentration place (e.g., steps, slotting, thread, the place such as oil hole, internal inclusion) stress peak value, improve the bearing capacity of the parts and the ability to resist brittle fracture.

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