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Composite technology of metal explosive welding.


Metal composlte technology is the use of explosive energy generated at the moment of two or more similar or not similar material composite moment together of a composite material processing technology, this technology can be performance is different, especially the miscibility of metal welded together. Compared with direct rolling:

(1) the loading speed is fast, that is, the instantaneous nature of the loading process;

(2) applied to the high-pressure pulse load of the workpiece, the loading stress is much higher than the yield strength of the metal material;

(3) combining the characteristics of corrugated metallurgy in the combination zone;

(4) it is difficult to realize automatic production, and the labor intensity is large and the production cost is high.

Metal explosion - rolling composite technology:

Explosion - rolling composite technology refers to the use of explosive composite technology will need composite of two or more metal plate, made of composite slab, according to certain ratio of thickness of welding and then according to the different conditions and requirements, thickness of hot rolled or cold rolled into the required specifications of the composite panels. This method is a new combination technology which is developed with the advantages of composite explosive composite technology and rolling composite technology. Its advantages are as follows:

(1) the explosive composite billet ensures the welding quality of two or three layers of metal plate bonding zone;

(2) the difficulty and trouble of rolling composite billets were abandoned;

(3) high production efficiency and high yield;

(4) the composite board product has high dimensional precision and good surface quality;

(5) it can produce all kinds of composite plates without welds.

Metal composite board it is not only a precious metal wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and carbon steel with good weldability, extensibility, formability, it is on the general carbon steel substrate coated a layer of stainless steel bimetal composite material. It has the good strength of carbon steel, the deep processing property and the thermal conductivity, also has the stainless steel wear-resisting, the corrosion resistance and so on the performance and the adornment sex, can reduce the cost greatly.

Currently, composite sheet has been widely used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, salt, alkali, water treatment, food and other industrial fields. It is suitable for vessels, pipes and metal structures under various corrosion conditions. It can also be used to replace pure stainless steel lamp poles, metal towers, flagpoles, guardrails, highways, bridge barriers, etc.

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