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Definition and classification of metal composite plates.


A layer of metal sheet metal composite: refers to the overlying in another metal board, has reached without reducing use effect (resistance, mechanical strength, etc.) under the premise of saving resources, reduce the cost.

Composite methods usually include explosive compound, explosive rolling compound, rolling compound and so on.

Composite materials can be divided into composite boards, composite pipes, composite rods and so on.

It is mainly used in anti-corrosion, pressure vessel manufacturing, electric construction, petrochemical, medicine, light industry, automobile and other industries.

Metal composite plate, including: titanium aluminum composite panels, titanium steel composite panels, aluminum steel composite board, copper steel composite panels, titanium steel composite panels, such as nickel steel composite panels and other metal composites are proposed according to the user.

The production method of metal composite plate: explosive compound legal, brazing rolling method and explosion rolling method.

-- - metal explosive welding is a kind of titanium, nickel, copper, aluminum and its alloys, stainless steel and other precious metal cladding, carbon steel or low alloy steel materials such as grassroots, energy-saving new type of single, double metal composite materials.

Explosion welding, is between metal physics, explosion physics and welding technology of an edge discipline, explosion welding is to use explosives as an energy source, through the tremendous power generated at the moment of explosion, and the two materials metallurgy moment together a new process; Its biggest characteristic is the combination of metal materials with a wide range of adaptability, can in an instant through explosion intensity difference, different expansion coefficient and performance even molten metal, rapid strong welding compound as a body, can form continuous metallurgical combination under solid state, but in essence is not changing the chemical composition of raw material, structure and performance of bonding strength will be better than other solid combination method of products.

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