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What are the classification and advantages of wood board?


Wooden class

1. Joinery board (large core board) : good moisture-proof effect, can not be painted directly.

In the middle of the joinery board is the core that is bonded with natural wood, two sides stick on very thin wood skin, as the name suggests big core board, its waterproof and moistureproof property is better than chipboard and medium density board. The wood that makes with big core board is used to go through to use adhesive board and brush paint two process, cost is taller. The big core board is divided into 3, 5, 9 mm according to the thickness, you can choose according to the pressure and the strength, the higher the price.

2. Integrated material, not easy to deform.

This is a new kind of solid wood material, using the high quality imported large diameter log, deep processing and imaging finger like cross - jointed board. Because the craft is different, the environmental protection performance of this kind of board is superior, it is big core board allows contain formaldehyde content 1/8, the price is about 200 yuan each, slightly more expensive than high-grade big core board.

But on the other hand, this kind of wood made by the American spruce can be directly painted and painted, which is less than the large core board, and the cost of construction may be equal.

3. The middle density board is worse than the chipboard.

4. The trim panel is cheap and convenient.

Multilayer board, also known as three plywood and three plywood, the number of layers is different. Depending on the thickness of 3-9 cm, it can also be 3-9 mm. Its advantages and disadvantages mainly depends on raw materials, liuan core each 1.2m?? The board price of 4m is 10-20 yuan. And the peach blossom core and poplar are cheaper.

The main used in the home decoration is the decoration of three plywood, the price is also cheaper than the purchase of the decoration panel.

5. Melamine double patch board, waterproof, high temperature resistance.

This kind of board is bright on both sides, very hard, not afraid of water and fire, mainly used in furniture and cabinets. The price is more expensive, 1.2m*1.4m plates are between 150 and 250 yuan each.

6. The decorative panel is made of wood with the same effect as solid wood. It is very thin, the thinnest is only 0.3mm, and the thickness is only 2-3mm. Common wood veneer color from shallow to deep, cherry, white ju, maple, red ju, northeast China ash, white oak, red oak, teak, rosewood, walnut, white shadow wood, dozens of varieties, such as wood of red shadow price does not poor.

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