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What are the classification of steel sheet?


The steel plate

1. Classification of steel plates (including strip steel) :

1. Classification by thickness :(1) sheet (2) medium plate (3) thick plate (4) extra thick plate.

2. Classification by means of production :(1) hot rolled steel plate (2) cold rolled steel plate.

3. Classification by surface features :(1) galvanized sheet (hot galvanized sheet, galvanized sheet) (2) tin plate (3) composite steel plate (4) color coated steel plate.

4, according to use classification: (1) the bridge plate (2) boiler plate (3) the shipbuilding steel plate armor plate (4) (5) the car plate (6) roof structure of steel plate (7) (8) electrical sheet steel, silicon steel sheet) (9) spring plate (10) the other

2. Common and mechanical structure used in steel plate common Japanese brand.

1. The common structural Steel of Japanese Steel (JIS series) is mainly composed of three parts: the first part represents the material, such as: S (Steel) represents Steel, and F (Ferrum) represents iron; The second part represents the different shapes, types and USES, such as the P (Plate), the Tube, and the K (Kogu) presentation tool. The third part represents the characteristic number, generally the lowest tensile strength. For example, SS400-- the first S stands for Steel, the second S stands for "Structure", 400 is the lower limit tensile strength 400MPa, and the whole represents the ordinary structural Steel with a tensile strength of 400MPa.

2. SPHC-- the abbreviation of the first S Steel Steel, P is the abbreviation of Plate, H is the abbreviation of Heat Heat, and the abbreviation of C Commercial Commercial, which is generally used for hot rolled Steel and Steel strip.

3. SPHD- indicates hot rolled steel sheet and strip.

4. SPHE-- represents the hot rolled steel sheet and steel strip.

5. SPCC-- it is generally used for cold rolled carbon steel sheet and steel strip, which is equivalent to Chinese brand number. The third letter, C, stands for Cold Cold. In order to guarantee the tensile test, add T at the end of the license plate to SPCCT.

6. SPCD-- represents the cold-rolled carbon steel sheet and steel strip, equivalent to China 08Al (13237) high-quality carbon structural steel.

7. SPCE-- indicates that the cold rolled carbon steel sheet and steel strip is equivalent to China 08Al (5213) deep drawing steel. To ensure non-timeliness, add N to SPCEN at the end of the license plate.

Cold rolled carbon steel sheet and steel band quality code: the annealing status is A, the standard quality is S, 1/8 hard is 8, 1/4 hard is 4, 1/2 hard is 2, hard is 1.

Surface processing code: no glossy finish rolling for D, bright finishing for B. For example, spcc-sd is generally used for cold-rolled carbon thin plates with standard toner and no gloss finish. If the spcct-sb represents the standard quality and bright processing, the cold-rolled carbon sheet with mechanical properties is required.

8. JIS mechanical structure is represented by steel plate number:

S+ carbon content + letter code (C, CK), in which carbon content is expressed by the intermediate value of x 100, and the letter C: denotes carbon K: carburizing steel. The carbon content of carbon coils S20C is 0.18-0.23%.

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