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The development, type and characteristics of plate.


Development of boards:

Sheet 1, the first is for the use of wood real wood, used for making furniture or other living facilities, in the development of science and technology of modern plate definitions, in the furniture manufacturing, construction, construction etc. The board that has a different material.

2. Today it is usually standard sized flat rectangular building materials board for walls, ceilings or floors.

3. Thick wood planks.

A metal plate made of forging, rolling, or casting.

Types of plates:

Board is: solid board, big core board, bamboo board, density board, trim panel, thin core board, finger plate, melamine board, waterproof board, gypsum board, cement board, paint board, chipboard, etc.

Properties of plates:

1. Plate products are flat in shape, broad in thickness and large in surface area.

2. It can be cut, bent, punched, welded and made into various components, which is flexible and convenient.

3. It can be bent and welded into sections of various kinds of complicated sections, such as sections, steel pipes, large steel beams, channel steel, etc.

The commonly used wall panels in the market are divided into cement, concrete, gypsum and composite.

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